Step by Step Make up Tutorial: Create the Perfect Look for Fall

Written by Alaina Prentice, Merle Norman Luna Bella

Step 1: Eyes

Apply Shadow Stick in “Fortune” all over the lid in a thin layer, this will act as the eye shadow primer. This will keep the eye shadow on longer, prevent creasing and allow the true color of the shadow to show. Using Eye Shadow in “Sand Dune”, apply a generous amount on the inside corner of the eye. Using an angled or crease eye brush, apply eye shadow in “Cola” on the outside portion of the eye, in an almond or sideways “V” shape. Start along the upper lash line, and curve upward into the crease. Then add the third color, “Harvest” to the middle of the eye lid. Blend all colors so that you cannot tell where one ends and the other begins. Apply Soft Touch Eyeliner in “Teak” to the top and bottom of the eye. To make the eye appear larger, only go about half way on the bottom portion of the eye. Apply a coat of mascara primer and Supreme Lash Mascara in black. As you apply your mascara, wiggle the wand in a zig zag motion to deposit more product onto the lashes. For the brows, use Natural Brow Powder to fill in any gaps to create a natural brow look. Seal it with brow sealer.

A little secret: If you apply your eye makeup first, you have less cleanup and damage control to deal with, so begin with your eyes.

Mascara tip: Never pump your mascara wand in the tube, this dries the mascara out quicker! Replace your mascara every 3-4 months. 

Products used: Shadow Stick in Fortune, Eye Shadows in Sand Dune, Cola and Harvest, Soft Touch Eyeliner in Teak, Mascara Primer, Supreme Lash Mascara in Black, Natural Brow Powder in Taupe, Brow Sealer in Light Brown.

Step 2: Prep Your Skin

On cleansed and toned skin, apply a thin layer of moisturizer and foundation primer. Then follow with foundation. Remember to blend your foundation on your neck, but it is not necessary to add foundation to the neck. Apply a concealer that is a slightly lighter shade than your foundation under your eyes in a “V” shape so that the concealer is blended over the cheek bone. Set the foundation with a small amount of setting powder if desired. Applying the powder only in the T-zone area will set the foundation without setting in any fine lines or wrinkles.

Foundation Tip: When matching your correct shade, for lighter to medium skin tones, match the color on your neck. For medium to darker skin tones, match the color on your forehead. To find out if you are a Warm, Cool or Neutral, look at your wrist! If the veins in your wrist are a greenish color you are a warm, blue veins are a cool, and a neutral is a bluish green mix. 

Products used: Day Crème with HC-12, Foundation Primer plus SPF 15, Aqua Balance Makeup in M50, Creamy Concealer in Medium, and Flawless Effect Loose Powder in Almost Tan.

Step 3: Final Touches…Color!

Apply the highlighter under the eyes on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, forehead and chin. To contour or sculpt, apply the contour in a “3” shape on the sides of your face: along the hairline of the sides of your forehead, under the cheek bones, along the jaw line, on the neck, and the sides of your nose. Apply your cheek color on the apples of your cheeks and dust upward with a lighter hand towards the top of your ear. On the lips, apply the lip liner over the entire lip, almost as if it were the lipstick itself. Then apply your lipstick all over. This lipstick technique will allow your lipliner to stain your lips and will keep your lipstick on longer. Set your makeup with a setting spray.

Products used: Contouring & Highlight Duo, Lasting Cheekcolor in Rich Rose, Lip Pencil Plus in Mocha Honey and Expert Touch Finishing Spray.