Wedding Facts & Superstitions

Written by Carly Phillips 1. Around 120,000 marriage ceremonies are performed each year in Las Vegas. 2. The most expensive wedding dress cost 12.2 million dollars. It was designed by Martin Katz and Renee Strauss and had 150 carats of diamonds. 3. Queen Victoria’s wedding cake weighed a massive 300 pounds and was three yards in circumference. 4. Why are engagement rings worn on the left … Continue reading Wedding Facts & Superstitions

Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Entrepreneur Hugh Balthrop has been to some pretty sweet places in his lifetime. He grew up in Washington, DC, where he ran an art gallery. Then, he married his Chicagoan sweetheart, Erica, and they ended up in another sweet place—Clarksdale, Mississippi. “She grew up in the Delta with her grandparents and went to school in … Continue reading Sweet Magnolia Gelato

Bully Bells: handmade tradition

Article by Joe Lee Photos by Hunter Hart The BullyBell trademark that adorns Mississippi State (MSU) cowbells will always link Marc Anthony, the driving force behind the company today, and the late Hardy Tingle, the beloved Starkville High (SHS) vocational/technical instructor and the creator of BullyBell. “I got started working on cowbells in high school … Continue reading Bully Bells: handmade tradition

Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail inspires community-wide creativity, collaboration

By Sasha Steinberg Photos by Letty Weeks It takes teamwork to make the dream work. For Starkville Area Arts Council member Vicki Burnett, the Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail is one of those dreams. A self-employed painter and owner of Burnett Art Studio and Custom Cowbells, Burnett has played an integral role over the past … Continue reading Oktibbeha County Barn Quilt Trail inspires community-wide creativity, collaboration