Bourbon and Coke

Recipe by Brian Kelley • Co-Owner Eat Local Starkville

Football season is here and that has me thinking about the tried and true combination of bourbon and coke. You all already know how to make your version of the perfect bourbon and coke and this is a cocktail column so we will elevate this one with a trick most of us learned as kids growing up in the south. You can also ask for a great version of this cocktail at Ollie Irene Restaurant in Birmingham.

I vividly recall pouring a package of roasted and salted peanuts into a bottle of ice cold Coca-Cola. The saltiness of the peanuts mixed with the sweetness of the Coca-Cola will send you straight down memory lane, mine being the passenger seat of an old light blue Ford F150 with my dad behind the wheel heading to a fishing hole. Cheers!

1 & 3⁄4 oz. of your favorite bourbon (I like Buffalo Trace)
1 oz. peanut orgeat