Soulflower Healing Studio


Written by Joe Lee

Miki Bryant, a retired schoolteacher and licensed therapist with a Master’s degree in Counselor Education, believes that caring equally for the mind, body, and soul is vital to achieving and maintaining optimal health. She has tried to bring all of those components together at Soulflower Healing Arts Studio and has a loyal and growing following.
“(It’s) an expansion from my private counseling practice,” said Bryant, a Grenada native who has lived in Starkville for two decades. “Inspired by the concept that as human beings experiencing life, some of those life experiences cause us to forget or feel a sense of disconnect from who we really are – which results in stress, physical disease and discomfort, anxiety, depression and loneliness.”

“My professional training and experience in working with clients has shown me the power of engaging in experiences that allow us to reconnect with our sense of purpose, and to do so as much as possible in community with others significantly increases the depth and quality of the experience. Not only do we develop a healthier sense of self, but we begin to develop healthy relationships and participate in the giving and receiving of a healthy community of support.”
Providing both individual and group instruction from her location at 300 Greensboro Street, Bryant offers weekly classes in meditation, journaling and yoga, as well as a variety of workshops with a focus on holistic approaches to women’s wellness. The classes include chakra balancing – the understanding of how to care for one’s energy level and decreasing stress – creative dance, creative expression, and connection with the natural world through learning about stones and crystals.
Patty Seitz, who moved with her husband to Starkville from Nashville a year ago, learned of Bryant’s studio from a neighbor whose daughter teaches there.
“I instantly liked Miki and knew I had found a place (to) enhance my spiritual journey,” Seitz said. “The classes I have taken so far are dealing with the seven chakra systems. I have taken two classes from Angie Taylor, who guided us in the study of energy stones and meditations that help balance the chakra systems in our bodies. I also took a class from Kaye Dorroh that approached the subject of the chakra systems with an art project and meditation.
“It’s nice to have a place to go where I can study under teachers who have extensive training in this area. The studio provides other classes such as meditation, yoga and journaling. I never dreamed I would find a place like this in a small town in Mississippi, but I did and am forever grateful to Miki for having the courage to follow her dream.”
“The space at Soulflower is a wonderful and safe place to learn and explore meditation and the other services they offer,” said Tammy Jones of Starkville, who has taken part in a chakra session with Kaye Dorroh as well as a Red Tent community evening. “I have found the staff to be very helpful and kind and welcoming. Starkville is lucky to have them here.”
“We have multiple practitioners who work with clients on an individual basis utilizing holistic approaches to facilitate emotional, mental, and physical, balance and well-being at very deep levels,” Bryant said. “I believe strongly that by investing in your personal well-being is ultimately an investment in the greater good of humanity, which is why I feel such a strong calling to make these services and experiences available to our community. We have a big beautiful mission to accomplish.”