Have a Healthy Holiday

Written by Terry Word Pullen It is finally the time of year we have all been waiting for, the wonderful holiday season. For many, this is the time when the health goals they set at the beginning of the year get lost. The temperature starts to drop and the holiday parties start to flow. It gets … Continue reading Have a Healthy Holiday

Shattered But Still Whole

By: Katie Langley, PT, PMA-CPT of Therapeutic Pilates, LLC ͞Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t— you’re right. ~Henry Ford Over my years as a Physical Therapist, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most courageous and resilient people on the planet. From homeowners who’ve fallen off ladders, to athletes … Continue reading Shattered But Still Whole

Joy for the Journey

Written by Katie Langly, PT, PMA-CPT of Therapeutic Pilates, LLC   Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….and for many of today’s brides, this is only the beginning! Few celebrations create the excitement, eager anticipation, and attention to detail as weddings. Decision making goes in overdrive as we search for the perfect wedding gown, … Continue reading Joy for the Journey

The Power of Plants + You

Article and Photos by Candice Paschal T​he beach boys in the ‘60s just may have been on to something, as they hit the top charts with the well known song, Good Vibrations…Or for those of you more in tune with the ‘90s, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch had us singing along to, ‘It’s such … Continue reading The Power of Plants + You

Amor Fati

By: Candice Paschal, A Higher Standard of Living A promise you’ve made to someone is way easier to keep when you can master the art of keeping a promise you’ve made to yourself. ​With the new year fresh on our minds, most of us still have the mindset of taking extra time to be mindful … Continue reading Amor Fati

Why Self-Love Matters

Written By: Katie Langley, PT, PMA-CPT Therapeutic Pilates, LLC Happy Valentine’s! Whether you’re happily single, in love, or have been married for decades, an important part of any healthy relationship is to love yourself. Often, it’s the combination of living a full life while cultivating close relationships with others- romantic, friendship, parental, at work – … Continue reading Why Self-Love Matters

DIY Bath Salts for Sore Muscles

Written and Photos by Amy Myers It’s that time of the year to start getting back in shape, in preparation for Spring and Summer activities! We’re dusting off the running shoes, jumping back on our treadmills, and accepting the challenge of improving our health and fitness… And you know what that means – sore, achy … Continue reading DIY Bath Salts for Sore Muscles

Fall Foods that Give Back: Festive foods of the season “give back” for better health

By Katie Zampini Many of the season’s favorite foods are not only festive and delicious, but are also packed with nutrition. In particular, the foods discussed below are easy to add into your everyday recipes for nutritional value and a delicious, seasonal twist. Read below to discover the health benefits of these fall-time “super foods” … Continue reading Fall Foods that Give Back: Festive foods of the season “give back” for better health

A Healthy Harvest

By Katie Zampini Meet Starkville’s Expert Vegan For many, the title “vegan” brings to mind an extreme lifestyle that seems impossibly restrictive. Our culture, especially in the South, is centered around food that doesn’t often fall into the plant-based category. While it may seem like a stretch to consider a plant-based lifestyle, consider this: plant … Continue reading A Healthy Harvest

Fresh From the Farmer’s Market: Kid-friendly Recipes to Foster Healthy Eating

By Katie Zampini In our fast-paced world of rushed meals, there’s a good chance your child can name more processed “convenience” foods than fruits or vegetables. The vast assortment of ready-made foods available in grocery stores is astonishing, and one way to help kids make healthy choices is to include a wide variety of options. … Continue reading Fresh From the Farmer’s Market: Kid-friendly Recipes to Foster Healthy Eating

Finding Your Hydration Balance

By Katie Zampini “Hydration.” The word itself has become a marketing tool, and while more and more products are available that claim to somehow improve upon the hydration benefits of old fashioned water, much confusion exists concerning how an accurate hydration goal is determined in regards to both the amount and the source. Are we … Continue reading Finding Your Hydration Balance