Have a Healthy Holiday

Written by Terry Word Pullen

It is finally the time of year we have all been waiting for, the wonderful holiday
season. For many, this is the time when the health goals they set at the beginning
of the year get lost. The temperature starts to drop and the holiday parties start to
flow. It gets hard to stay on track, and we usually end the year feeling worse than we
did when we started it.

This year I want to help you crush all of your health goals through the beginning of next year. I want to help you make this your healthiest holiday season yet! There is no foolproof way to stay healthy during the holidays, just like there is no button to make you skinnier, but I am sure you will have a healthier holiday season if you follow these tips.

1.Keep Healthy Food on Hand

Make sure you keep your home stocked with healthy options so you will reach for the apple instead of the pie. It is much easier to make healthier choices when you already have healthy options in your kitchen.

2. Indulge for a night or two, not a season

I can already name at least five treats that I must have every year at Christmas, and I am sure you can do the same thing. We all know that when it comes to the holidays we never only have the few treats that are our favorite. The parties start rolling in, and we eat everything. This year I want you to make a list of the treats you know you have to have and try to only eat those when the holidays come around. It is okay to indulge a little, but do not let it be a two-month long binge.

3. Schedule a time to workout

Pick a time each day that you are going to workout. It can be a different time each day if you have different events and activities, but you need to schedule at least thirty minutes each day to be active. With work during the day, and holiday parties and Christmas programs at night, the best time for many people to workout might be first thing in the morning. That might mean getting up an hour earlier, but if your goals are important enough you will do it.

4. Learn to love home workouts

At-home workouts can be your best friend when the temperatures start to drop. There is nothing worse than having to bundle up and venture out into the elements to go to the gym, which is why many people opt out of their workout when it is cold outside. Finding a great workout you can stream at home makes it so much easier to never miss one.


The holiday season is full of fun parties, gifts, sweet treats and time with friends and family, so it can be easy to lose site of your goals. Using some or all of the tips above will help you end this year with a bang and start the new year on a healthy note.