Therapeutic Pilates LLC: Empowerment Through Movement

Article By Sasha Steinberg

Photos by Hunter Hart

 If you don’t move well, you don’t feel well. Katie Langley has been there before too, so she not only understands; she wants to help.

“I’ve always enjoyed being active. However, after the birth of my second child, I developed chronic low back and hip pain that left me in bed with a heating pad and Tylenol each time I exercised,” recalled Langley, a Madison native. “I was afraid that my days of swimming, running and biking were a thing of the past.”

After traditional therapy failed to alleviate her pain and dysfunction, Langley sought alternative treatment. She ultimately completed the comprehensive Pilates for Rehab Practitioners program offered by the Miami, Florida-based organization Polestar Pilates International.

“The techniques I learned through that holistic, evidence-based training have had a life-changing effect on my body,” she said. “I’m now able to live the active life that I felt I had lost and I’m thrilled to be able to offer those same healing strategies to my clients.”

Langley, a psychology bachelor’s graduate of Mississippi State University, is founder and owner of Therapeutic Pilates, a boutique studio in downtown Starkville that is the first of its kind in Mississippi.

Drawing on years of experience as a physical therapist, Langley enthusiastically provides concierge-style wellness, fitness, preventative care and rehabilitation to clients seeking improved health and quality of life.

“I accept only a small number of clients, so I have adequate time to answer all of their questions, really get to know them, and be accessible to them anytime they need me,” said Langley, who also holds a master’s in physical therapy from the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

“Whether they want to perfect their golf swing, live with less pain, determine an alternative to surgery or run a 10K without nagging knee pain, we work together to identify their specific needs and goals,” Langley said of her clients.

Developed by Germany physical trainer Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, the Pilates method of physical fitness involves a series of controlled movements designed to develop strength, increase flexibility and lengthen muscles while achieving total body awareness. Pilates equipment uses springs for assistance or resistance, making it an adaptable form of exercise for beginners to experienced athletes.

All Therapeutic Pilates sessions are private, one-on-one visits that typically last 55 minutes. Langley also can provide general group mat classes in a client’s home or office for a fun girls’ night in, staff retreat, couples’ date night or other special occasion.

During preventive and wellness-based Pilates sessions, Langley teaches clients how to be mindfully aware of their breathing and develop strong, adaptable muscles and balanced, healthy joints, all of which can help reduce risk of injury.

“I have a client who had back pain so intense that she was ready to schedule surgery,” Langley recalled. “After working with me at Therapeutic Pilates, she is now pain-free and has reclaimed the life she loves. She is able to go hiking with her family again, feels confident on the tennis court and no longer relies on medications to ease her sore muscles and joints.”

While providing physical therapy for rehabilitation, Langley assesses a client’s entire body in terms of movement. Those seeking her guidance learn how to effectively monitor and adjust their movement patterns throughout the day, which can help them regain energy, stamina, strength and flexibility.

“A client of mine had shoulder surgery 10 years ago and could barely raise her hand to shoulder height. We’ve been working together, and now she can easily reach the top cabinet in her kitchen,” Langley said. “She’s another great example of the kind of turnaround that is possible.”

One session at Therapeutic Pilates is all it takes to experience the passion that Langley has spent years developing through her educational and professional endeavors. Helping clients establish and maintain a positive relationship with their bodies makes her work worthwhile and enjoyable.

“I’m passionate about helping people and being a force for good in the world, which is exactly why I chose to be a physical therapist,” she emphasized. “My goal is to empower my clients to be their best and lead a healthy, active life, so they can climb mountains, figuratively and literally.”


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