J. Parkerson Jewelers – Jamie Parkerson comes off the bench… and into his own store

Written by Joe Lee Photos by Divian Connor For Jamie Parkerson, some things haven’t changed much in three decades. He’s still working in the jewelry business in Starkville’s College Park Shopping Center, just as he was when hired by Barry Mixon at the Jeweler’s Bench in 1986. But Parkerson and a team of investors from … Continue reading J. Parkerson Jewelers – Jamie Parkerson comes off the bench… and into his own store

DIY Wedding Photo Booth

Article and Photography by Amy Meyers Your photo booth doesn’t have to be expensive or super fancy! This booth features simple, white curtains and a pair of antique doors; a fun, Victorian-style chair and an antique brass chest; and battery powered lights. Conventional plug-in lights also work well, granted that your booth is located near … Continue reading DIY Wedding Photo Booth

Pecan Paper CO.

Written by Richelle Putnam Photography by Brittney Dowell Paige Cannon was in high school when she first discovered designing on the computer. This, along with her Art I and II classes, led her to pursue a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design at Mississippi State University. Now, as a busy mother of … Continue reading Pecan Paper CO.

Planning Your Big Day

Written by Carly Phillips You said “Yes!” What next? Tell your friends and family! Make the call! Don’t just post your new jewel on your social media platform of choice. They will want to hear it directly from you. Sure, it might be time consuming, but it is worth every second to the ones that will be there … Continue reading Planning Your Big Day

Making your home chemical free

Written and Photos by Erin Blankenship The actual numbers are widely debatable, but the average woman is known to come in contact with around 300 chemicals daily, 80 of those before breakfast! Common offenders include our candles and other air fresheners, cleaning products and for sure skin care. If you are like I was three … Continue reading Making your home chemical free

Progressive Dinner Night

  Written by Amy Myers If you’re having a hard time deciding where to take a date or friend to dinner, consider trying a “progressive dinner” night! The idea is to visit a different restaurant for each course. This would also be fun to do as a group. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, … Continue reading Progressive Dinner Night

Spinning Up Memories

Written by Joe Lee & Photos by Olivia Zeringue and Sarah Massey It may be 2018 as you stroll down University Drive and make your way toward the Mississippi State campus, but it becomes 1978 in almost the blink of an eye when you step into Scooter’s Records, a new record store that opened in … Continue reading Spinning Up Memories

Jovial Art

  Written by Richelle Putnam Kelly Quick knew art was her calling. She just didn’t know when or how…or even what. “I always loved drawing and painting and in high school, my senior year, thinking of college, I knew I wanted to be some type of art major,” she said. But there were so many … Continue reading Jovial Art

Coming Home in Columbus

BY SARAH RAINES & PHOTOS BY LAURA DANIELS Sue Burkhalter has found a new adventure in Cady Hills in Columbus, with a one-story French Country-style home with plenty of room to entertain the whole family. Burkhalter has lived in Columbus since the 1970’s. She raised two sons in the area, and is now able to … Continue reading Coming Home in Columbus

Upscale Rustic

BY: Sarah Raines The Oswalt home is on the corner of South Montgomery Street and Country Club Road, and Nicole Oswalt and her three daughters have thoroughly enjoyed their first year in the new house. Oswalt found a home design she fell in love with in a house in Saint George, Utah, and hired Stuart … Continue reading Upscale Rustic

The Home of a Home Builder

  By: Sarah Raines Perched on a hill in Wildbriar, a lake community branching off Sessums Road, sits a tumbled brick and cypress house that looks as natural to the environment as the trees in its backyard. Joe Couvillion and his family built the house hidden on the backroads not far from Mississippi State University’s … Continue reading The Home of a Home Builder

A Taste of Tradition

By Sarah Raines Sheila and Gavin Rees always dreamed of moving back to Mississippi’s College Town after retirement, and in April of last year, they did just that, moving into a home they had built and designed just for them. The couple are both Mississippi natives, 1978 graduates of Mississippi State University, and decided to … Continue reading A Taste of Tradition

Remember Your Summer

Article and Photos by Adrianne Horne Travel Journal: Trying to think of the perfect way to remember your summer vacations or trips? Try making a simple travel journal to keep everything organized and memorable! All you need are some pictures, tape, a few markers, a blank journal, and a little bit of creativity! To start off, … Continue reading Remember Your Summer

Lighted Tailgate Sign

Article and Photos by Amy Myers Make your tailgate stand out, with this lighted sign! There are several ways to create a sign like this. I opted for the easiest, least expensive method, using items I already had on-hand. Materials: Art canvas Battery operated lights Batteries Paintbrushes Paint Scissors and/or box cutter Additional materials, if … Continue reading Lighted Tailgate Sign

DIY – Dome Light

How to & Photography by Amy Meyers If you are looking for a challenge that produces beautiful results, try the DIY dome light! Materials: Wire hanging basket Faux greenery and/or floral décor of your choice Cutting utensils Floral wire (bag twist ties or paper clips also work) Beaded garland (this hanging basket required a 200-foot roll) Battery operated … Continue reading DIY – Dome Light

DIY – Branch Wreath

How to & Photography by Amy Meyers The options for creating your own style with this wreath are endless! Materials: Bundle of tree branches (2 feet in length usually works well) Spray paint of your choice Greenery and/or floral décor Ornaments Ribbon or bows Fishing line or ribbon Jute string Step 1: Spray paint the … Continue reading DIY – Branch Wreath

Holiday Wishlist

Liza Tye, 511 Academy Rd Giggleswick, 200 MS-12 Merle Norman, 500 Russell St. Susan’s Hallmark, 100 Russell St. Suite 15

Thanksgiving Tablescape Design

Decor and furniture from Beards Furniture & Antiques, Etta B Thanksgiving Pottery from Giggleswick, Table design by Jeanette Beard, Photography by Divian Connor  

The Hopeful House

  Article written by Richelle Putnam Photos by Brittney Dowell Hope Caldwell was working as a registered nurse and homeschooling her daughter when her 72-year-old mother’s stroke left her unable to drive. Hope searched for a place in her community that offered activities and good company during her mother’s recovery. She wanted her to stay … Continue reading The Hopeful House

Tanner & Leah: Servant Hearts Raised in Starkville

Article by Richelle Putnam Besides being Miss Mississippi 2017 pageant contestants, Tanner Fant and Leah Gibson have a few things in common. Both are proud Starkville, Mississippians and both are community servants. Tanner, the 2017 Miss Mississippi runner-up, grew up performing at local Miss Mississippi preliminaries, including the Miss Mississippi State University pageant, and was … Continue reading Tanner & Leah: Servant Hearts Raised in Starkville

DIY – Fall Cornucopia

Article and Photography by Amy Myers This new twist for a Thanksgiving cornucopia offers so many possibilities! Cornucopias are fun and beautiful for decorating. If you’re having trouble getting that custom look you want, here’s an easy, inexpensive DIY project. Materials: Plastic megaphone Fall fabric of your choice Fall floral pieces Heavy-duty glue or duct … Continue reading DIY – Fall Cornucopia

Fall Wishlist

Liza Tye & Co 511 Academy Dr. Starkville, MS 39759 Liza Tye & Co 511 Academy Dr. Starkville, MS 39759 Susan’s Hallmark 100 Russell St. #15 Starkville, MS 39759 Susan’s Hallmark 100 Russell St. #15 Starkville, MS 39759 Liza Tye & Co 511 Academy Dr. Starkville, MS 39759 Merle Norman Luna Bella 500 Russell St. … Continue reading Fall Wishlist

DIY – Fall Flower Wreath

Article & Photos by Amy Myers Fall Flower Wreath Materials: Burlap, color of your choice – Important: 10-inch wide burlap ribbon is really what you need, because it doesn’t fray. I attempted to purchase the 10-inch ribbon, but the store was out of that size. Therefore, I went with regular fabric, which will actually fray … Continue reading DIY – Fall Flower Wreath

DIY – Tailgating Servers

  Go Dawgs Plate Choose bisque (pottery) of choice. Apply 2 coats of Antique White to the top. Transfer a design of your choice with carbon paper. Ball Point Pen works best Paint design with colors of choice. 2-3 coats give you the best results. Leave to be fired for permanency. You can make this … Continue reading DIY – Tailgating Servers

Gameday Nanny

By Richelle Putnam Photos by Divian Connor Jessica Cunningham has been babysitting most of her life. Her mom ran a daycare in their home until Jessica was 10. At 13, she was out babysitting on her own. And she never stopped. “About five or six years ago I was babysitting for a lot of people … Continue reading Gameday Nanny