DIY – Dome Light

How to & Photography by Amy Meyers

If you are looking for a challenge that produces beautiful results, try the DIY dome light!


Wire hanging basket

Faux greenery and/or floral décor of your choice

Cutting utensils

Floral wire (bag twist ties or paper clips also work)

Beaded garland (this hanging basket required a 200-foot roll)

Battery operated LED string lights (puck light could also work)

Spray paint, if desired

*VERY IMPORTANT, BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Make sure your existing light fixture is secure enough to hold the extra weight associated with this project.

Step 1: Secure end of the beading on the basket rim where it will not slide, as shown.

Step 2: Completely unroll the beading, loosely winding it around your hand, so as not to tangle it.

Step 3: This step can be tricky. If possible, have someone hold the basket for you as you wrap the beading through it, working your way around the entire basket.

Step 4: After covering the entire basket frame, secure beading with wire or twist tie.

Step 5: Place LED lights in the center, loosely securing wires to the in side. Use wire to attach the dome to the light fixture of your choice and decorate as you choose!