DIY – Fall Cornucopia

Article and Photography by Amy Myers


This new twist for a Thanksgiving cornucopia offers so many possibilities! Cornucopias are fun and beautiful for decorating. If you’re having trouble getting that custom look you want, here’s an easy, inexpensive DIY project.



Plastic megaphone

Fall fabric of your choice

Fall floral pieces

Heavy-duty glue or duct tape

Floral foam or Styrofoam


Pipe cleaners or wire

Decorative gourds, if desired

Step 1: Secure pipe cleaners or wire inside the mouthpiece of the megaphone, as seen in the photo. This will be the “tail end.” I used duct tape for this. It’s easier to remove, and I might want to reuse the megaphone for something else later.


Step 2: Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the megaphone. Secure it from the inside, covering the whole megaphone, as the photo shows.


Step 3: As you wrap the megaphone, fold fabric around the tail end, to cover pipe cleaners.


Step 4: Hot glue or super glue the fabric together at the end, so it stays secure.


Step 5: Insert the foam piece, and use it to secure fall floral stems. Add any other items you wish, and your fall cornucopia is complete!