DIY – Fall Flower Wreath

Article & Photos by Amy Myers

Fall Flower Wreath


Burlap, color of your choice – Important: 10-inch wide burlap ribbon is really what you need, because it doesn’t fray. I attempted to purchase the 10-inch ribbon, but the store was out of that size. Therefore, I went with regular fabric, which will actually fray over time.


Wreath frame

Pipe Cleaners

Additional helpful materials: 

Hot glue or super glue

Ribbon for hanging

Step 1: Cut fabric into 10 –inch squares. You’ll need approximately 8-10 squares for the outermost rim of the wreath

Step 2: Fold corners in, as shown

Step 3: Scrunch fabric to make a “bowtie” shape

Step 4: Wrap pipe cleaner securely on the outermost rim, as shown, to prepare for attaching fabric

Step 5: Attach fabric by starting with the outermost rim, and work your way in, as shown

Step 6: Repeat the process by working your way toward the center of the wreath

Step 7: Wrap black burlap ribbon through the inside rim and secure it using pipe cleaners, which you will tie on the back of the wreath, so they won’t be seenThis fall flower wreath is hanging from a simple wreath hanger, but you can get creative by adding fancy ribbon or other embellishments!