DIY – Tailgating Servers


Go Dawgs Plate

  1. Choose bisque (pottery) of choice.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Antique White to the top.
  3. Transfer a design of your choice with carbon paper. Ball Point Pen works best
  4. Paint design with colors of choice. 2-3 coats give you the best results.
  5. Leave to be fired for permanency.
  • You can make this platter or one similar for $25-$45

Chevron Chip and Dip

  1. Choose a rounded rim platter or plate, and match it with a small Yukon, sundae, or guacamole bowl.
  2. Apply chevron tape in a diagonal fashion over the entire platter. Use painters tape to seal the edges of the platter.
  3. Paint the inside of your platter with 3 coats for a nice glossy finish.
  4. Turn the platter over and apply a basecoat of stroke and coat paint and then apply a jungle gem (these paints have bits of color that burst when heat is applied) of your choice.
  5. Remove all tape from the platter.
  6. Use a small dotting sponge to remove any stray paint that may have leaked under your tape, and clean your rim so you have a crisp border.
  7. Apply tape to the outside of the bowl in the same fashion and repeat the steps previously taken.
  8. Paint a basecoat to in the inside of the bowl and then apply your pops of color.
  9. Clean any glitches with a sponge.
  10. Ask the staff to clear glaze your unpainted areas where the tape has been removed, and leave your piece to be fired.
  • Estimated cost to make this serving combo or similar is $40-$60

Rusted Element Server

  1. Choose your platter based upon your serving needs.
  2. Apply 1 coat of Tidal Pool to the inside of the platter without exceeding to the rim.
  3. Apply 2 coats of Mudslide to the rim and the edges.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Turtle Shell to the inside of the platter on top of the Tidal Pool layer you previous painted.
  5. Apply 1 coat of Copper Adventure to the edges of your platter. Then apply it where the inner most part of the platter meets the rim.
  6. Take the jungle gem, Oriental Carmel, and sporadically apply it around the rim of the platter while allowing some excess to drip towards the center of the platter.
  7. When the front of your server is dry, flip it over and apply 2 coats of Rare Earth and 1 coat of Copper Adventure to the back.
  8. Select an add-on of your choice. Add-ons are small bisque pieces that can be atheized to your platter when fired. This will give your server more character.
  9. Take the left-over paint from your previously used brushes and sponge it on to the add-on in no particular fashion.
  10. Place the add-on where you would like it to be permanently atheized.
  11. Leave your piece to be fired.
  • This server can be made for approximately $35-$70