Lighted Tailgate Sign

Article and Photos by Amy Myers

Make your tailgate stand out, with this lighted sign! There are several ways to create a sign like this. I opted for the easiest, least expensive method, using items I already had on-hand.



Art canvas
Battery operated lights
Scissors and/or box cutter
Additional materials, if needed:
Foam board, or backer board (for the back, if you plan to hang it)
Heavy duty glue


Step 1:

After painting the canvas, I decided to make the word “State” stand out, before cutting holes for the letters.


Step 2:

VERY carefully, use a box cutter or scissors to cut tiny holes, for each light to poke through (you can also use a nail).


Step 3:

Insert each light into the hole.


Additional tip: To hang the sign, the light kit will need to be secured. Cut foam or backer board to fit the canvas, and paint it. Glue Velcro to canvas and board. Place the light kit inside the canvas. Then place the board on the back, to keep the light kit from falling out.