Progressive Dinner Night

  Written by Amy Myers

If you’re having a hard time deciding where to take a date or friend to dinner, consider trying a “progressive dinner” night! The idea is to visit a different restaurant for each course. This would also be fun to do as a group. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a progressive dinner could be a fun, unique twist to the usual date night. My husband and I recently tried this, and had a blast! We decided to mix up the styles food, as you will see in my review. Here is how the night went:


1st Course: Beverages at Central Station Grill

The BEST part of this place, is it’s in the old, historic Borden Dairy Plant! Here, we were introduced to a very tasty, refreshing cucumber pomegranate drink. Each of the two layers are not only different colors, but they have different flavors, which was a nice surprise. $16



2nd Course: Appetizers at Bin 612

Here, we ordered the Salmon Sliders. They were delicious! I like the arrangement of the soy sauce, bread and salmon pieces. The bread was very soft, without becoming spongy from the moisture of the fish and oils. Each salmon bite was fresh and cooked perfectly. I would also like to point out that Bin 612 sells a popular, but hard-to-find ale by Southern Prohibition, called “Suzy B.” It is brewed in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. $20

3rd Course: Main entrée at Thai Siam

Thai food might be out of many folks’ comfort zone, but I encourage everyone to at least try it. The Massaman Curry is actually my favorite, but this time I ordered the Duck Curry. The combination of tender duck, sweet and savory seasonings and the vegetables simply melt on the palate! Adam had the Chicken Curry, which was equally delicious, with its fried rice and cashews. I decided to try “Bubble Tea” for the first time, in honeydew flavor. With 15 different flavors of Bubble Tea, it would be a super fun treat for children! Also, Bubble Tea comes with 4 different kinds of “gummy” toppings to choose from. Additionally, Thai Siam offers a gluten-free menu, with a long list of options. $35


4th Course: Dessert at 929 Coffee

The staff at 929 Coffee seems to enjoy changing things up every so often, with new flavors and unique items. For this trip, we ordered an oat bar and a classic cinnamon roll, which were both divine! The oat bar doesn’t look “glamorous,” but the flavors and textures of the chocolate, oats and hint of marshmallow might surprise you. I ordered an Italian soda, vanilla lavender flavor. Upon sampling the lavender, I was surprised at the tart, sweet taste. Next time, I plan to try lavender Italian soda without the vanilla, to see what that’s like. $12