Remember Your Summer

Article and Photos by Adrianne Horne

travel journal

Travel Journal: Trying to think of the perfect way to remember your summer vacations or trips? Try making a simple travel journal to keep everything organized and memorable! All you need are some pictures, tape, a few markers, a blank journal, and a little bit of creativity! To start off, get all of the pictuers together in one place with the journal and the markers. Organize the photos in the order of each trip (or each day of the trip) and begin placing them into the journal however you would like. Once you have everything placed where you would like, begin taping them down so you can start writing out the memories and thoughts for each picture. You can add recomendations, things you would like to relive, ratings of each place you went, doodles of something that reminds you of where you went, and an itenerary of everything you did in the order you did it. Remember to include every detail you can think of to make the journal as memorable as possible! As always, every detail counts!

picture map

Destination Map: Wanting to find a way to remember your nation-wide road trip? Try this creative way to mark each state as you go! Start out by finding a large map at your local craft store (or order one online), and go find your favorite picture from each state. Once those two steps are done, trace each state on a piece of paper so you can go back and cut out each picture in the shape of the correlating state, Once you have cut out each picture, place them accordingly on the map and glue them down, so you can pin it up and have it to display your across country trip!

Polaroid Journal 3

Polaroid Journal: Own a Polaroid camera? Have a bunch of old Polaroid pictures just laying around collecting dust? Try this Polaroid Journal to show off your trips! Start out by buying an empty journal from your favorite bookstore, and take pictures of everything you find during your trip. These can include restaurants, interesting street signs, meals, desserts, buildings, and people you meet. Now it’s time to gather up all of your Polaroid pictures! Glue down the Polaroids around the page in whatever order you would like, and grab your favorite pen so you can create titles for each of the pictures you took. Titles can include things such as specific towns, cities, resteraunts, and quotes related to the picture. Once you’re finished, make sure to show off your work!