With These Hands: DIY Valentine’s Day Project

Written by Amy Meyers

This “Conversation Hearts Planter” is a fun, inexpensive, and easy project.  You can also include the kids in this one!  Supplies are also easy to obtain. I’m always trying to down on material costs and trips to the store. Also, if I bought new supplies for every DIY project, we would need a whole separate house, just for storage! Therefore, I like to use pieces from previous projects, as well as items often found already found around the house.


~Plant container – be as creative as you want! Paint it, add stickers, or leave it plain. In light of my “recycling” efforts, I used a terracotta flower pot from a previous DIY project, which I covered with fabric.


~Paint, markers, or paint pen

~Cardstock or construction paper

~Wooden or metal rods – I actually used metal skewers!

~Floral foam or scrap Sytrofoam

~Faux flowers



Step 1: Draw or print out a heart shape, and cut it out. Change it up with different sizes.

Step 2: After placing the foam in the plant container, stick in the faux flowers and rods.


Step 3: Write or paint messages onto the paper hearts, similar to what you see on conversation hearts candy.


Step 4: After paint/ink dries, secure paper hearts onto skewers with tape.